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Grooming services include

Full Groom

Puppies  from  4 months - six months old can have the full groom treatment at a reduced price so we can introduce them to the grooming experience at an early age.

Puppy Groom

I specialise in hand stripping. This is a method of grooming and is carried out less and less in pet grooming salons as a result of time restrictions or lack of good training. The technique involves pulling out dead top coat to leave a more natural look than clipping. It should be carried out on breeds with a wire coat to maintain the correct coat texture and coat colour. Dogs should be stripped every 2 months. Prices from £40

Hand Stripping

Firstly your dog will be brushed out and any dead hair removed and matts brushed out to leave the coat matt free. If required a rough clip will be done prior to washing.


Your dog will be bathed in warm water and professional shampoo will be used and washed out, then given a second bath and conditioners will be used to rise out the coat.


Ears and eyes will be cleaned and anal glands are expressed in the bath. Then the dog will be towel dried and using a hand held dryer with no heating element your dog will be brushed out until completely dry.


Clipping will then continue to give your dog the specific haircut based upon your dogs breed standard and /or your individual style choice. Nails will be clipped at the end of the grooming process. Prices from £30

groom1 dog stripping

Ear Cleaning / Plucking

Every dog is different but some dogs such as poodles and cocker spaniels have more hair around the ears. This can be removed by using appropriate equipment and can be plucked out from the ear canal to allow air into the ear and prevent ear infections.


Our teeth cleaning service involves: Tooth brushing / Tartar removal (This service is not possible on dogs where tartar accumulation has led to gum disease and tooth decay. Such cases should consult a vet) Breath freshener - Price from £15

Teeth Cleaning


Teeth Cleaning